About Us

What is Beny?

Beny is an employer-funded lifestyle benefits marketplace that lets employees choose the lifestyle benefits that matter most to them. Beny offers the largest selection of convenient services and memorable experiences the USA. Beny is easily managed through its web and mobile interfaces. 


Our purpose at Beny is to help companies create a culture that cares about its people. It is much easier said than done. However, we believe that taking actions to show you care using Beny builds trust and integrity amonst your team. 


As a company, we believe that all employees are important and that leaders want to improve their employees lives. We also believe that companies can and will provide a better employees experience when given the opportunity. Beny seeks to provide the opportunity for every employer and leader to create a culture of caring. 

Our Core Values

Naked Trust

Be Cool

Own It

One for all, all
for one

“Change for better”

Improve your culture with Beny