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Employee wellness is critical to a company’s sustainable success. SHRM defines workplace wellness as any program or activity intended to improve and promote health and fitness. Now is the time for leadership to focus on wellness in the workplace, whether at home or the office.


Everyone deals with sudden personal needs that are all too inconvenient while you are working. Sometimes the little things can help a lot. Having someone run errands for you, or taking care of your clothes to the laundry.


No one likes to take time off to get their car worked on. But everyone has to deal with this. What if you could have these services performed at your home or office? What if you didn’t need to worry about taking precious work time off to sit at an auto shop to get your oil changed every 4-6 months.


Now that your employees are home a lot, needs are changing. What if you could have your home cleaned? Or services delivered at your home?

Food & Beverage

Most companies are currently offering some sort of solution for offering food and drinks to their employees. But now that many are working from home, how can you continue to care for your employees in a similar way.


Try new things! How about going skydiving, zip lining, go karting, or trips to Moab? According to research, experiences typically result in significantly longer happiness than material possessions like money or physical gifts. Your employees will remember doing things as a team and company.