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How To Measure AND Boost Employee Satisfaction

Satisfied employees are people who are excited to come to work, motivated to do a good job, and open to changes and collaboration. However, this is sort of the unicorn of employees. In fact, only 40% of employees are happy with their job. The other 60 percent are showing up because they have to, looking for something better, or doing the bare minimum. 

This is a BIG problem.

When your employees love coming to work, you get a happier staff. You get a motivated team who is more productive, has fewer absent days, better collaboration, and will stick with you for the long haul. Ultimately, satisfied employees make your company grow into the best place it can be. Oh, and the best benefit, your employee retention is high. They say for years, perfecting their skill and thinking deeper.

But how do you measure employee satisfaction? How do you boost the bad days and make improvements? That’s where we come in. 

Measuring Employee Satisfaction 

First, you have to know where you are in order to know where you need to go. We must first measure current employee satisfaction and keep this measurement going on a consistent basis. Here’s a few ideas to get you started: 

Hold 1-on-1 conversations 

This is the best way to see how the individuals are doing both in and out of the office. Enter this conversion seeking to understand your employee, not to change their opinion. JUST LISTEN! Follow up with them later, once you have had time to consider any changes that may or may not need to be made.

Post a survey on a regular basis. 

Surveys also help you get quantitative data that is completely honest and anonymous. To help you gage how you’re doing instantly.

Do some research

Stay informed of current salaries in your area or industry, make sure your benefits are competitive and look into what you can do to go above and beyond for your employees. Offer employee experience gifts or employee rewards that are unique and actually useful rather than the age-old pen or certificate no one wants. 

employee satisfaction

Boosting Employee Satisfaction

Once you have a good idea of the current level of contentment at your company, the real work begins. Commit to improve your employee’s satisfaction and support their careers.  By using the following tips, your employee retention will soar, productivity will increase, and your company will thrive.

Start In-House 

Think about the simple things you can do in-house to boost the mundane of everyday work. Hosting fun events, have a food truck show up for lunch, hire a local car detailer to detail the vehicles in the parking lot while they work. A little employee gift can go a really long way and doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Encourage Traditions 

Sure, the company summer barbeque is fun but get a little more creative in your company traditions. Volunteer at a community event, create unique “company holidays” of your own, allow your employees a day off or a unique employee gift on their work anniversary. 

Host an Annual Awards Ceremony

By treating your best employees to a yearly bash on the boss’s dime, you’ll encourage generosity, inspire performance, and incite a little competition. This is a great opportunity to give unique employee gifts and showcase the talents of your team. 

Help Them Help You. 

Give your people the freedom to get creative, to come up with their own ideas and run with them. This can be difficult to do if you like to keep a strong sense of control, but it can pay off in the long run. 

employee retention

Let Employees Vent

Amy Balliett, of Killer Infographics, points out that not every employee is comfortable speaking up.  That’s why she uses software called TinyPulse which lets her employees let her know when things are off, anonymously.  “It keeps it from something that will fester.  Festering makes an angry employee who will leave.”

Get a Mascot

This lighthearted mood-booster can be easy to adopt in any office. Choose a mascot (or let the employees vote) Whether it’s a goldfish, a stuffed animal, a concrete lion, or even a robotic BB-8, it really doesn’t matter. Having something iconic that can roam around from department to department to boost performance is a way to keep spirits up and create a little healthy rivalry.

Take care of the family

Your employees are working to provide for their families, support that effort. Pay attention to whose kid is going to the football championship, whose wife just had a baby, or who has a parent in the hospital. Acknowledge these, and offer things like a house cleaning service, childcare, or meal delivery to support your employee when they get home. 

Give Personalized Gifts

Take a moment to find out what the individual is “into.”  It could be cars, wine/beer, concerts, video games, anything really.  Then tailor an employee reward just for them.  A bottle of the best, tickets to a local concert, a massage after work, a gym membership or even just the next book in the trilogy they’re reading. It’s the personalization that matters. 

Attack the Real Issues

Employees can get on fine without snacks and parties, but they suffer when they feel they are undervalued, underpaid, and overworked. You can’t cover real problems up with a pizza party. If employees feel overworked, to find a way to create a more balanced workload. If they feel underpaid, figure out a plan to increase salaries. Acknowledge their concerns and find a way to make it right or you’ll lose out on your biggest assets. 

You may need to make large changes to improve employee satisfaction. Don’t be afraid to take risks to make it happen.

Bring in a Consultant

You’re a leader, not a mind reader. If you can tell there’s a problem but are lost on how to fix it, company psychologists and executive coaches can see things you can’t– and it might be worth bringing in back-up help. They can host a workshop for your company, take surveys, and help you come up with a plan for improvement. 

As a leader and manager, it’s on you to work to improve employee satisfaction. You need buy-in from your team to make real change. Make it light and positive, remind your employees that you’re doing this so you can create a better place to work. Ask for sincere honesty and participation to make the process easier. Ultimately, you’ll create a better work environment for them – and you’ll probably enjoy your job a whole lot more as well. 


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