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1000’s of lifestyle benefits that show you care

Beny helps you build a culture of loyal employees by letting them choose the lifestyle benefits that matter most to them no matter where they work.

We have connected 1000+ Trusted Clients

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Beny Balance

Use Beny to distribute funds set aside for employees to purchase lifestyle benefits in the Beny marketplace. Manage contributions allocated to each employee so they can choose to spend their money on things that make their lives easier, such as having their home cleaned or have dry cleaning picked up. They can also choose to use their money for local activities with their family. Either way, let them choose what they want.

Here’s how it works

Use Beny to manage all of your company's lifestyle benefits and let your employees choose what they want.

Lifestyle benefits for everyone

Your employees are unique and like different things. Some like massages, while others enjoy family time at a trampoline park. Whether it’s a trip to go zip-lining as a team, or getting my clothes laundered, your people will know what they want.

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Dry Cleaning
Team Builder

Lots of options


Beny has changed our company. Our people are happy and engaged. They feel included in the lifestyle benefits decision-making.


I love all of the options in the marketplace. I can choose from massages, auto maintenance, or even someone to run errands for me.